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Hybrid home
Unique efficiency
Certified security
Team & organisation

Just the way I want it

Only when your own hybrid office reflects your corporate identity, does what belongs together grow together. Actively design your own online business world, with your own color code, logo, personal spaces for employees with an "on brand" reception area.

Everything from one cast

Think of ivCampus as a Swiss Army knife, only sharper and with even more tools. Our hybrid office is programmed to arrange everything clearly and usefully. Incoming and outgoing communication is synchronized across one platform - high quality and elegant.

You can rely on it

Doxxing, leaking, hack attacks and fake news - these are absolutely foreign words at ivCAMPUS. Because in our digital world, data protection and security are at the highest level and have the highest priority. Freedom, convenience and unhindered workflow are guaranteed with us.

Unique and future-oriented

Areas enable you to map your organizational structure and responsibilities precisely. Bring your colleagues and teams together - in work groups or as a project, even across companies! Work agile, every day anew. As needed, just like in the real office

Meetings without high CO2 emissions

What was far away yesterday is now just a click away. London - New York - Sydney, in one day, without a plane. Combine successful business with new values: sustainability and environmental protection. With ivCAMPUS you make a meaningful “Green Deal” with heart and mind.

Kundengerecht & Bedarfsgerecht
Team &

You never work alone

Coffee kitchen, lunch area and gameroom - there's
no shortage of interpersonal fun!
aaCEO PKM Health-Nico Becker, CEO PaaaKM Health-Nico Becker, CEO PKM Health-Jörg Hafer, continuitas e. K.
-Jörg Hafer, continuitas e. K.
Wow, everyone's in the office - that's really motivating.
The solution for different locations and departments is super intuitive.
-Thomas Gebhardt, Spectrum AG

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