ivicos - more than a safe harbour for your data

Our products will make a lasting difference to your everyday working life. The security of our products is just as important to us as the protection of your data.

All thumbs up - even from the security experts

There are many applications that inspire. Ideally, you want to integrate them into your own system right away and get started. But rightly so, many data protection officers often pull out the red card. Not with ivCAMPUS! Here, everything is compliant with the DSGVO, so you can start without hesitation.

Secure from the start

Already during the development of our applications, we take into account the specifications for the protection of your data. This ensures that only data that is necessary for the respective processing purpose is collected.

  • Your data is hosted securely in Germany
  • No unencrypted bit leaves the EU (no data transfer to third countries)
  • Optional end-to-end encryption in rooms
  • No storage of call content or participants
Just Relax

Not everyone is tech-savvy and knows which default settings have to be made so that everything runs correctly in terms of data protection. If you leave everything on the factory settings with us, you are on the safe side without stress.

There is no additional collection/processing of personal data through our own authentication system.

From Europe - for Europe

All of our service providers and partners are based in Europe. Very hands on! But we wouldn't be ivicos if we didn't ensure this through corresponding order data processing contracts.

Security is our top priority. Every step in application development and user interaction is systematically checked under DSGVO protocols.


We work exclusively with professionals. Our hosting providers are certified for highly secure applications. This ensures that our customers' data is in good hands.


End-to-end encryption can be switched on for all our products on a case-by-case basis. This is not only convenient, but it also guarantees additional protection exactly where it matters.


You can't hack what you don't store. We rely on a radically minimalist approach when it comes to processing customer data in our applications.

No monitoring

With ivCAMPUS, the company or supervisor can see no more or no less than how it is in the physical building; that is just the presence of a person.

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