Intelligent Virtual Collaboration Solutions

But how do we do it?

With a great team

And more than 50 years of experience in our field.

Dr. Kai Holger Müller-Kästner

Co-Founder. CEO. Frontman. Easy and empathic.

Expert in strategy development with large senior executive network.

Dr. Thomas Lehr

Co-Founder. Marketing & sales. Method maniac. Former director of a think tank.

Experienced management consultant. a strong network in the public sector and international organizations.

Ulrich Böttger

COO. Critical challenger.

Former executive board member (CEO) of a software product house. expert in project management, IT operations and delivery management.

Friedrich Gies

Creative Frontend Developer. All things UX.

Started coding at the age of 14. Creative enough for UX design, not creative enough to write a bio.

With a philosophy

And a dedication to our values.

We are proud of who we are.

And we want you to feel the same way.

We want everyone, our team members and our users, to feel included, valued, and respected, it’s persons and personalities that matter – that’s a big priority for us.

Privacy first.

Privacy is not just a tick in a box.

Our users own their data and we want to help protect it.

That is why we want our users to pay for our products instead of monetizing their data.


We want our solutions to not only work, but also delight.

We love to conjure with smart technology, to trigger magic moments, aha-experiences, affiliation and flow effects.  

And we want our users to feel that.

Our office in Frankfurt, Germany

And hopefully
with you

if you are up for the challenge...

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