All Teams on one Campus

Regardless of which tools you use. A layer on top offers a place (not a tool) that provides orientation and enables natural communication - Like in the office in the past. Everyone goes to work every day and you’re in the midst of it. Welcome to your new virtual office.
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The Future of Work starts now

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Collaboration is no longer limited to the physical space of an office or restricted by geographical location.

The desire for more flexibility and the increasing shortage of skilled workers in business and administration mean that companies must offer employees hybrid or remote working in order to remain competitive.

Attract and retain specialists and integrate new employees more quickly and easily.

Internal networking is important and no longer works the way it used to when everyone was in the office every day.

The new form of collaboration: de ivCAMPUS ensures that work is agile and flexible in start-up mode. Without any training or change programs.

Digitalization and AI can be used automatically, because everything works easier together than alone.

Learning from each other - including AI - has never been easier than on the ivCAMPUS.

ivicos culture

is based on

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team spirit
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Super easy

Social presence

Adding the human touch to MS Teams
It's all about the left panel and your core team, department or project. People visible in an area are working. Switch areas like floors in the past. Knocking doors leads to conversations. Seeing people in the coffee corner can lead to social exchange. Noone is left behind.  

Using MS Teams? Then you need ivCAMPUS, too.

Knock to talk
Up to 50% less calendar entries.
Saving up to 5 days per year avoiding clicks etc.

No need to send a link, chat message and/or a calendar entry to enable communication in hybrid work settings.

The inside office view
You can see who is in the office

It's almost like in a physical office. You get a quick overview who's in. Imagine you're the first in the office in the morning. Other colleagues enter over time. It's a great feeling to work together and not just connected.

Now: Teams with humans
Leading to a motivating culture

You can see all meetings taking place in sticky meeting rooms - not just the one you're currently in.
Like this you can asked a colleague to step in, or ask colleagues in a seminar to move to break-out rooms to work in subgroups for a while.

Adding one icon in MS Teams

Amazing that no one has yet found such a simple solution. Human-centric and social instead of fancy and technocratic. Less clicking. Much more intuitive.

Simple can be harder than complex...

... You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
-- Steve Jobs

Trippling the value of MS Teams

Digital office place
The place to work

Whether its at the end of a Design Sprint or as part of a working session, the Play Library is an easy way to bring an idea to life very quickly.

Digital workplace
Your desk, your dashboards

Rapid prototypes for quick validation. Play enables you to go from an idea to a high-fidelity prototype in under an hour.

HI & AI combined support
Better together than alone

GenAI can make mistakes. Human intelligence (HI) is asked to check important information. ivCAMPUS brings them together to benefit from combined intelligence.

ivCAMPUS makes hybrid work

Concept tested, improved, approved, beloved since years. Ready as MS Teams App for you now.

Effortless comute.

Enter the morning and you know what's up.

Breathing corporate culture into Microsoft Teams
Time saving.

Knocking doors instead of managing links in the diary.


You are a MS Teams user?

It doesn't really matter. Apply ivCAMPUS to make hybrid work.
Choose between the Browser version or the Microsoft Teams App.

Be informed as soon as you too can try out the ivCAMPUS Teams App with your colleagues.
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ivCAMPUS helps companies to solve their hybrid work dilemma.

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