ivCAMPUS as an alternative to Virbela


ivCAMPUS is customizable to corporate design and organizational structures, but also intuitive and easy to learn. 

Areas can be used to structure your organization into units, e.g. locations or departments.

No matter how you structure your organization, ivCAMPUS follows you. 

Not another virtual “physical” office

ivCAMPUS was designed to be effective and humancentric.

This is why we didn't include unnecessary avatar movements or elements that take up your screen and distract you as you work.

Our goal was to improve the physical office, not replicate it.

Made for organizations, not just small teams

ivCAMPUS is the only secure, GDPR-compliant virtual office platform that combines spontaneous social interaction, efficient collaboration, full adaptability to corporate structures, and external brand identity.

ivCAMPUS adapts to your company organization, no matter how large and complex, and it offers cross-company collaborations with just a few clicks.

Comparison of essential features

People at the centre
Game development with avatars
High touch - a place for humans
A beautiful place to work with areas and rooms that are equipped with appropriate tools.
A Sims-like computer game interface where pixelated avatars run through the area to meet each other.
Made for
...hybrid working and for all important interactions within an office and between companies.
...fun events (Virbela own examples: concerts, weddings and birthdays) and communities.
All day long: presence in the office for real cooperation and team spirit.
Depending on the package booked, between 2 hours, one day or presence-based.
GDPR compliant - developed and operated in Germany.
The data is hosted in the USA.
Special feature
Switch easily from one company to another within ivCAMPUS.
Having your custom avatar.

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