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Elke Lefevre
Wertekultur e.V.

"Our clients and us are thrilled that virtual collaboration can feel like live!

Seminars become more interactive and agile, quick consultations with colleagues and customers are more barrier-free than with the established coworking tools and the support is super fast, solution-oriented and close to the customer.

We love that we can generate individual access links (similar to digital room keys) for our partners."

KommunalCampus e.G.

"With ivicos, we organise our office for our start-up completely virtually.

Our colleagues love the communication channels and our dialogue partners (customers etc.) are always positively surprised by the functionality.

But what I like best is the invitation link that is always available and with which our guests simply knock on our door... For me, this is the tool discovery of the year."

Stefan Eckhardt
Recotan Project S.R.L.

"ivicos is an integral part of our home office concept.
Flexible and easy collaboration in a virtual building....with coffee kitchen!

From my point of view, it is impossible to imagine the new world of work without it!"