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Meet Campus

A real community in the virtual world.

with Campus you create a digital twin of your company, in which smooth communication is finally possible again.

Move through the virtual twin of your company with ease, just by dragging your avatar from one room to another.
All rooms are hosted on secure European servers.

Simply drag'n'drop

From one secure room to another

Meet Space

intelligent virtual collaboration
to generate

better results faster

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Team members focus on contributing individual knowledge and perspective - Space  takes care of the rest,  from data integration up to the automatic generation of high-quality output formats.

Intelligent support: real-time translation, virtual moderation and interfaces to research- and AI-services in a clean visual user interface.

Power charge
your workflow

With smart areas and AI integrations

Designed at
the heart of Europe

with Europe at its heart.

We value GDPR, data security and the privacy of our users.
That is why we work with as many European service providers as possible and host all our services exclusively on European servers.


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