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Imagine having an office and no one to welcome. Either everyone is working from home or is in another city. Does this make you nervous? Now it doesn’t have to; ivicos brings everyone together with smart tools for efficient work.

Welcome to ivCAMPUS:
Your new, lively office environment.

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Flexible is better

ivCAMPUS is more than a tool, it’s an online office that connects agile teams even at a distance. Everyone works together - sometimes real, sometimes virtual.

You never work alone

Home office has many advantages. But social exchange and the fun factor are often neglected. Whether it's a coffee kitchen or a chatting corner, ivCAMPUS creates social spaces that make people happy.

Exchange faster

ivCampus is the turbo tool for your communication. Ask questions quickly and flexibly or involve experts.

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Guests are always welcome on ivCAMPUS. From a short visit to the integration of external project staff for the duration of a project - thanks to multi-tenant capability without security concerns! This is how hybrid collaboration works.

From Europe for Europe

Our SaaS solutions are absolutely secure. They run on EU servers and comply with the strictest DSGVO guidelines. Data storage? Not with us!

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Learn more about how ivCAMPUS can ready your company for hybrid working.

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ivicos - we create new working worlds!

From professionals - for professionals

Taking virtual collaboration to a new, personal level - that's what drives us.

As a start-up based in Frankfurt am Main, we develop smart organizational solutions with a team of experienced
innovative developers and user focused designers.

This is how the “dull home offices” are transformed into lively online worlds.

The new hybrid work world

Here today, there tomorrow. Our working world has changed radically. Agile working has become part of everyday life: hybrid, fluid, spatially distributed, cross-functional and cross-company.

Where is the togetherness? The small chat in the coffee kitchen, the short hello with colleagues; our products are a foundation for both increased efficiency and opportunities for social interaction.

Your office without borders, with real, social possibilities.

Smart technology

Many solutions are cool and clever - but are they also secure and comply with the strictest GDPR guidelines in a comprehensible manner?

We love data security and ensure that every virtual communication, interaction and collaboration between teams and employees in companies and institutions runs securely.

We think and live European - and that's how we program.

And the winner is...

The jury from Telekom and Wirtschaftswoche voted ivicos 1st place in the Digital Champions Award!

We are proud and happy of this award!

Here’s What They Say About Us!

Thanks to ivCAMPUS, despite Corona isolation, we felt close at all times, as if we were really in the same building. An amazing experience!

Dr. Michael Streng, CEO,  
Parameta GmbH
Dr. Michael Streng

"The Büro für Zeitgeschehen deals with issues of the future - we have found our future work environment"

Elisabeth Primavera, Büro für

Daily collaboration, client visits, workshops, and private exchanges in between - all on one platform!"

Adrian Taylor, Founder, 4Sing
Adrian Taylor 4Sing

"ivicos manages to intelligently transfer analog collaboration between different departments and locations into the digital world."

Thomas Gebhardt, SPECTRUM AG
Thomas Gebhardt, SPECTRUM AG
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We're excited that we got off to a flying start with the right partners and investors at our side. From the pilot phase to market maturity, important companies and associations have supported our hybrid office - simply because it works.

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