The University Campus of the Future

for Administration, Teaching, and Research


Whether it's a venerable university, college, online academy or accelerator programme. The world of higher education is on the move.

Tomorrow Campus is the place that brings everyone and everything together.

Restoring the magic of the university campus as a place of creativity, inspiration, excellence, and friendship

New challenges of a decentralized university

The increasing decentralization of campus life after Covid 19 poses new challenges for higher education institutions:

✘ Students are less in touch, knowledge and social exchange suffers, and asynchronous communication increases instead.
✘ Exchange between teachers and students has suffered
✘ Administration is less reachable due to flexible work models

TOMORROW CAMPUS - bringing life back to your University campus

An easily accessible place that connects students,teachers and staff no matter where they are.

Tomorrow Campus:
✓ connects students among themselves, educators and administration
✓ allows for new, innovative teaching models
✓ creates collaboration structures for research projects

The Digitalisation of the Campus Idea

The university campus is perhaps the first metaverse in history - conceived as a place for networking research, teaching, business, politics and civil society.

Because of its conception as a place, Tomorrow Campus transfers the original "genius loci" of the campus idea into the digital future of the university.

The flexible place for administration

Finally: Flexible forms of work also in the university administration

Hybrid models have become indispensable in the economy. With new, flexible working models, university administration can also counter the shortage of skilled workers and at the same time gain in efficiency and speed regarding administrative digitalisation.

Excellent cooperation thanks to the presence principle

Facilitate socialisation, make contacts and build up personal networks.

On ivCAMPUS, all employees are present for all to see during their working hours.

In this way the
/ social,
/ emotional,
/ psychological and
/ cultural functions
of the physical office environment are preserved.

Just knock on colleagues‘ office doors, drop in and coordinate.

The Place for Modern Teaching

New, hybrid learning concepts become more important

Co-learning in working groups needs suitable spaces. Students need flexible times to complete individual learning paths. The Tomorrow Campus offers space for everything needed for hybrid courses.

Participating in courses via video conferencing solutions leads to student isolation - the presence of everyone on ivCAMPUS invites interaction, exchange and social togetherness.

Campus (experience) life instead of zoom fatigue.

Social togetherness instead of isolation.

The Inspiring Place for Research

Distributed networks in a common place

Research projects have long been geographically distributed and carried out in cooperation between project partners from science, business and society.

Researchers can also be integrated across distances into a local concept of a research network ("House of ..."), as if they were also spatially close to each other - distributed research and joint work.

Simply human

Knocking on doors, entering rooms - it's so easy to find your way around.

Digital und sustainable

Less commuting - less travelling - less emissions - more efficiency.

Safe and reliable

GDPR compliance, data protection, ISO 27001 data hosting in Germany.

A solution that does not feel like IT

“I have my difficulties with technology in general and I have to say that I have found my way around really well and if I can do that, then the more than 1,600 colleagues in the city administration can do it ... also 😊“

Feedback after the first CAMPUS visit

The "digital door" to university administration

Pioneering interaction with students

Whether it's a counselling consultation or an appointment in the administration: Receive students in your digital office - quickly, easily and securely. Consultation hours can be freely defined via the invitation management.

It benefits all

The people
Flexibility, work-life balance.

The environment
Reduction of CO2 emissions due to less commuting and less space required.

The finances
Less space required, lower space costs.

The 3-Minute Orientation Event

The recipe for success: a platform that can be operated by anyone after a quick glance - i.e. it requires no training - and is ready to go immediately.

Tomorrow Campus can be used intuitively because it is modelled on learned behaviours and structures.
Personal Rooms
Wolfgang Kessler's personal room
Wolfgang Kessler
Sarah Meister's personal room
Sarah Meister
Coffee and tea corner
Meeting room Paris
Meeting room London
Lunch break (AFK)
Project room
Guest waiting room




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