ivCAMPUS - Virtual Office Solution For Small Businesses


We need a new place to work TOGETHER every day. Since ages we are connected to almost everyone in the world. But in an organization people need more: They need to be TOGETHER to work TOGETHER.

The problem: The physical office is no longer this place.‍

The solution: A virtual office with permanent presence that creates the level of closeness you need for trust-based work.

Maintain company culture

Be close with your team, be together.

Unlimited & spontaneous social interaction with chat, videoconferencing, gifs and dedicated rooms.

Creative atmosphere where innovation evolves by coincidence.

From colours to logos, areas and rooms and organizational structure - Campus is fully customizable with a few clicks.

Cut the number of meetings by 50%

ivCAMPUS allow teams to interact spontaneously to clarify issues and collaborate.This is why the need for scheduled meetings is reduced.

Our clients say that they were able to reduce the number of meetings by 50% after switching to ivCAMPUS.

And this is great news, because according to research, “people who have more and longer meetings tend to feel more fatigued than those with fewer and shorter meetings.”

Receive customers & partners in a beautiful reception area

No longer do you have to share a link towards an application that doesn’t match your company look and feel.

Receive your external visitors in a beautiful designed reception area that matches your brand and make a good first impression.

Made for organizations, not just small teams

ivCAMPUS is the only secure, GDPR-compliant virtual office platform that combines spontaneous social interaction, efficient collaboration, full adaptability to corporate structures, and external brand identity.

ivCAMPUS adapts to your company organization, no matter how large and complex, and it offers cross-company collaborations with just a few clicks.

ivCAMPUS Use Cases

Customer support area for premium client assistance

Project rooms with external visitors

Sales presentation office

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