ivCAMPUS as an alternative to Wonder.me

We regret that wonder.me is no longer available, because we also enjoyed using it years ago. Wonder.me was specialized in online events, i.e. event-based communication.

ivCAMPUS, on the other hand, has developed a solution to support remote work and hybrid work in a meaningful way through permanent presence. This also includes the implementation of events.

Just try ivCAMPUS with colleagues or talk to us so that we can show you how our users plan and implement events on ivCAMPUS.

Rooms instead of circles

At Wonder.me you could move to circles, which where limited to 14 participants. In ivCAMPUS these are rooms that you can move into, which can hold up to 25 participants.

Familiar interactions are used in ivCAMPUS, such as polite knocking, waving at a colleague and asking a question.

Private conversations at public events

At wonder.me you could burst in anywhere. At ivCAMPUS it's a little different: each participant also has a personal space.

Here everyone decides for themselves whether they want to speak to someone in their room and grant them access.

Spontaneous change from the office to an event

Anyone who already has ivCAMPUS access and is possibly still busy in the office can switch spontaneously to an event - just as easily as from one company location to another.

In congress centers one quickly loses the overview

Floors, rooms, stages. Being in the right place at the right time at a conference is not always easy. On the ivCAMPUS you keep an overview.

This makes conferences even better than purely physical. Here it is always visible what is happening where, with whom... you are always right in the middle.

Maintain company culture

Remote teams often face the challenge of maintaining their corporate identity, culture, and brand image.

Popular video chat services such as Zoom and Webex lack customization options, resulting in every virtual meeting looking indistinguishable from the next.

ivCAMPUS provides a solution by allowing teams to customize their virtual space to match their unique corporate identity. With ivCAMPUS, visitors are greeted by a stunning reception area that exudes the company's distinctive vibe, enhancing the overall virtual experience.

Comparison of essential features

People at the centre
No longer available
High touch - a place for humans
A beautiful place to work with areas and rooms that are equipped with appropriate tools.
No longer available
Made for
...hybrid working and for all important interactions within an office and between companies.
Conferences, corporate events, gatherings
All day long: presence in the office for real cooperation and team spirit.
GDPR compliant - developed and operated in Germany.
No longer available
Special feature
Switch easily from one company to another within ivCAMPUS.
No longer available

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