The Digital
of the


Location-independent Cooperation

and Modern Interaction with the Citizen

A virtual office

A virtual place for employees and customers

For daily collaboration, meetings, collegial support, social interaction and interaction with citizens.

Whether it's city hall, county hall, public institution or district government - switch now to flexible, modern collaboration.

So simple

The people in the centre

In developing the digital city hall, we focused on people. On what people have been doing in the office and in customer communication for decades. That's why ivCAMPUS can be used intuitively even by people with little digital affinity - ideal for an administration that wants to be accessible to everyone.
Personal Rooms
Wolfgang Kessler's personal room
Wolfgang Kessler
Sarah Meister's personal room
Sarah Meister
Coffee and Tea corner
Meeting room Paris
Meeting room London
Lunch break (AFK)
Project room
Guest waiting room




Flexible working concepts - attractive workplaces

Even in administration, there is no way around home offices and mobile working.

Whether it's a town hall, a county hall, a public institution or an institution: with ivCAMPUS you can create the digital place with which flexible working concepts are implemented and attractive workplaces are created.

A place - not a tool

The ivCAMPUS is designed as a place for collaboration, communication and social interaction.

This ensures an emotional connection of the employees to this place. And for orientation: existing organisational structures are simply mapped.

Simply human

Knocking on doors, entering rooms - it's so easy to find your way around.

Digital and sustainable

Less commuting - less travelling - less emissions - more efficiency.

Secure and reliable

GDPR compliance, data protection, ISO 27001 data hosting in Germany.

“I have my difficulties with technology in general and I have to say that I have found my way around really well and if I can do that, then the more than 1,600 colleagues in the city administration can do it ... also 😊“
Feedback after the first CAMPUS visit
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A digital door for the citizen

Whether it's a building application, a participation event or a citizen's allowance: citizens with digital affinity (rightly) expect a modern digital communication channel - with people at the other end if things don't work out digital-only.

ivCAMPUS lets you open the doors of your authority wide open, even from your home office.

Everyone is here

As in the physical office, all employees are permanently present on ivCAMPUS. This allows for quick queries and other best practices. And spontaneous social interaction. And trust ... and and and.

Simple networking of local actors

Whether it's a neighbouring municipality, a municipal IT service provider, an economic development agency or a non-profit association:

There's room for all the region's participants on the ivCAMPUS.

This creates a lively, responsive ecosystem in which administrative action is implemented quickly and efficiently.

Digital Administrative Services

It can happen: a user does not get along with an digital service and needs help.

No problem!

A button integrated in the digital service via a simple HTML snippet leads the user immediately to the digital town hall to a real person with whom he can solve his problem. Digital AND human.


ivicos ist am 30.+31. Mai 2022  bei dem
'change revolution day'
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