Getting Started

How do I get to ivCAMPUS? What's the URL?
What functionality does ivCAMPUS offer?
Can I lock my personal room?
How long does onboarding take?
Does it work when employees are distributed?
Another new tool?
What Development stage is ivCAMPUS in?
What is an area?

The Basics

How do I enter/invite someone to an office?
How do I move around on ivCAMPUS?
When do I knock on a door, and when do I just “enter” a room?
How can I invite an external guest?
How do I create or edit a room?
Can I message someone?
How many people can I have on iv:CAMPUS?


Is ivCAMPUS safe?
Where does the data go?
Are conversations encrypted?
How about my personal data – are they captured?
Which data do you store or process?
Am I being monitored?

Trouble Shooting

My audio/video sharing isn’t working.
My screensharing isn’t working.
The connection is bad.

Have a question we didn’t cover?

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