Virtual offices - An alternative to Webex, Zoom & Co.

Videoconferencing apps fail to provide the tools for hybrid and remote work. Workers need an alternative that can help them perform their remote working activities.


Videoconferencing software such as Webex, Zoom and others fall short in providing an appropriate environment for hybrid or remote work. Since workers need more than video calls to take care of their remote working activities, an alternative to Zoom and Webex was needed.

ivCAMPUS is an alternative for videoconferencing software such as Webex because it’s a platform that combines the benefits of the physical office and the virtual one. Team members socialize and collaborate in a virtual office with permanent presence.

Using a virtual office software for hybrid work allows you to create an immersive and easy-to-use environment for your employees, no matter where they are from. There’s also no special software that needs to be installed for it, users only need to open their browser.

Let’s explore 6 reasons why ivCAMPUS is a better solution for remote collaboration.

1. With ivCAMPUS it’s easy to create and join a meeting

One of the common complaints of Webex users is that it is unnecessarily complicated to create and join a meeting on the platform. Hosting a meeting and inviting members can become time-consuming and troublesome when there are many steps required.

But with ivCAMPUS, meetings take place in dedicated meeting rooms which anyone can view at a glance and join either by knocking door (that’s polite) or entering with a doubleclick. After the team decides at what hour the meeting should take place, there’s no other special step that needs to be taken. Everyone will join in the meeting room without needing a special link.

meeting room London - virtual office

2. ivCAMPUS is spontaneous

Traditional videoconferencing apps can be used for remote work only through scheduled meetings, because that’s what they were created for.

This is where ivCAMPUS is different. Thanks to the permanent presence of all employees spontaneous interactions are now part of the virtual work environment.

Why is that important? The sense of creativity and the spirit of community is nurtured in an environment with spontaneous interactions, and therefore people can do their best work again, as they did in the physical office. The proverbial “water cooler moments” are now an integral part of the virtual office.

3. ivCAMPUS is spatial

One important reason why ivCAMPUS is a better alternative for remote collaborations than apps like Webex is the spatial element. You can “glance” around the office and see who is available or not, you can see which meeting rooms are occupied, who is having a chat in the Coffee room, and even who is away for lunch.

The spatial element of ivCAMPUS makes remote work feel less remote. Because even if everyone has their own private rooms in which they can enjoy doing uninterrupted work, they also have the option to take a break in the coffee room and chat with their teammates there. Or they can have a look if the meeting room is occupied or someone is up to join silent co-working. Just as in the “regular” office, users have a good overview of what is happening in the office. These things are impossible to do with traditional videoconferencing apps.

4. ivCAMPUS nurtures communication

Traditional videoconferencing apps rely on video calls for communication, and most of the communication tools are integrated in meetings, even the chat. That makes all communication dependent on scheduled meetings, which is limiting to say the least.

If a meeting has to be postponed for 30 minutes or a team member wants to address a simple question to another colleague, Webex users would have to rely on other communication tools.

But on ivCAMPUS, all the communication can be done inside the platforms, without depending on being in a meeting. One can send a quick note to a colleague even if they are in their personal room or in a meeting, and notes can be sent to all members that are available or to the ones that are in a specific meeting room.

Being able to quickly communicate without having to depend on being in a scheduled meeting nurtures micro-interactions, which are important for creative work and for feeling part of a community.

5. ivCAMPUS doesn’t require users to install a software

Traditional videoconferencing apps require users to install their software for full functionality, offering limited functionality if accessed from browsers. But with different operating systems that are used by workers and an increasing list of versions that each operating system has, bugs and functionality problems are prone to appear.

ivCAMPUS can be used from the browser and doesn’t require any software to be installed. This functionality makes the platform accessible to every operating system, greatly reducing the risk of operational issues.

6. ivCAMPUS maintains company culture

One of the most unexpected challenges of remote collaboration was to keep the brand image, corporate identity and culture while transitioning to hybrid or remote work. It’s clear that relying on 3rd party videoconferencing software such as Zoom or Webex makes every business look similar to employees, clients or partners - and that’s exactly what companies don’t want.

ivCAMPUS is more than a virtual office. It’s an immersive virtual space where people work together, collaborate, and interact in real-time, just like they would do in a real office. And we designed it in such a way to allow you to not only keep your brand image but also let employees feel attached to their virtual office and your company.

From colors to logos, areas and rooms - ivCAMPUS is fully customizable with a few clicks. You can bring back the design you had in the physical office to keep your company culture intact and connect with your customers and employees on an emotional level. External visitors are received in a beautiful reception area.  Employees not only see the visual brand elements but are an active part of their own workplaces design and structure.

These are 6 reasons why ivCAMPUS is a Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams alternative. The immersive experience of our platform can be fully grasped only when you see it with your own eyes.

This is why we invite you to try it for free by clicking the button below or visit a virtual office to see what makes ivCAMPUS the virtual office of the future.