ivCAMPUS as an alternative to Zoom

Less meetings

ivCAMPUS allow teams to interact spontaneously to clarify issues and collaborate.

This is why the need for scheduled meetings is reduced. Our clients say that they were able to reduce the number of meetings by 50% after switching to ivCAMPUS.

And this is great news, because according to research, “people who have more and longer meetings tend to feel more fatigued than those with fewer and shorter meetings.”

Spontaneous interactions

ivCAMPUS was designed to be effective and humancentric.

This is why we made it simple and easy to have spontaneous interactions with your team members. Knock on someone's door, send a note, or join the Coffee room for nice chat.

"Watercooler moments" that teams used to have in the physical office are kept in the virtual office.

Made for organizations, not just small teams

ivCAMPUS is the only secure, GDPR-compliant virtual office platform that combines spontaneous social interaction, efficient collaboration, full adaptability to corporate structures, and external brand identity.

ivCAMPUS adapts to your company organization, no matter how large and complex, and it offers cross-company collaborations with just a few clicks.

Team bonding

Loneliness and disconnection have been reported by some remote teams due to a decreased sense of community.

With ivCAMPUS, your team can now gain back a sense of cohesion with a virtual place to gather and collaborate together.

Customizations are available to maintain company culture, and daily micro-interactions enable teams to once again feel connected.

Maintain company culture

One of the biggest struggles of remote teams is staying true to their corporate identity, culture and brand image. Video chat services like Zoom and Webex make it hard to stand out, as every virtual meeting looks the same.

ivCAMPUS is customisable to match your corporate identity.

Your visitors will be greeted in a beautiful reception area that keeps the company’s vibe.

Secure alternative

Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams have faced privacy problems in the past, including encryption gaps, unauthorized access to meetings, and malware risks.

We created ivCAMPUS to fully comply with GDPR regulation. Here’s how we comply:

  • Our software is hosted in Germany.
  • None of your conversations on ivCAMPUS are stored.
  • In accordance with GDPR, we store as little personal data (no password, username and an email-address) as possible. We only analyze anonymous metadata to improve our service and retrieve bugs.
  • We don't store attendance times, and video and audio are secure and private in any space.

Comparison of essential features

People at the centre
Video conferencing
High touch - a place for humans
A beautiful place to work with areas and rooms that are equipped with appropriate tools.
A communications platform that allows users to connect with video, audio, phone, and chat.
Made for
...hybrid working and for all important interactions within an office and between companies.
All day long: presence in the office for real cooperation and team spirit.
The attendance can only be made through scheduled meetings, which complicates communication.
GDPR compliant - developed and operated in Germany.
The data is hosted in the USA.
Special feature
Switch easily from one company to another within ivCAMPUS.
Filters to change your appearance on camera.

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