Working together in the Future of Work: Online videoconferencing is not enough

Collaboration with colleagues in the home office via video conferencing apps like MS TEAMS and Zoom has led to an explosion of meetings in calendars. In this article, we show how location-independent collaboration works better with a virtual office like ivCAMPUS.


In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, online videoconferencing has become the default mode of communication for remote teams. However, the simplicity of videoconferencing apps has left many employees feeling fatigued and disconnected, leading to Zoom fatigue.

Hybrid and remote work requires a better solution that does more than just video conferencing. Hybrid and remote teams need a virtual office where they can connect, be part of a community, and collaborate easily... and incidentally reduce the number of meetings they have on their calendar by 50%.

That's where ivCAMPUS comes in, offering an innovative virtual collaboration solution that goes beyond traditional videoconferencing to make hybrid and remote work truly seamless and engaging. Let's explore how ivCAMPUS revolutionizes the way we work and brings back the human touch to remote collaboration.

Working Together Every Day

We understand the importance of working together in a collective space. Unlike sporadic video calls, ivCAMPUS creates an environment where teams can work together every day, no matter their physical location. It facilitates real-time interaction, synchronous collaboration, and joint problem-solving, fostering a sense of togetherness even when physically apart. With ivCAMPUS, teams can break free from the limitations of traditional videoconferencing and experience true teamwork.

The feeling of togetherness is paramount for creating a productive work environment and a strong team bond. Teams can easily connect today by using various communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or Discord, but this fragmented communication creates the feeling of “Me vs. Them” when it comes to remote collaboration.

This is not the case when teams log in each morning into a virtual office platform such as ivCAMPUS. People go to work in a collective virtual space where they work together every day, feeling like part of a team again.

Social Spontaneity and Immersive Features

One of the biggest drawbacks of online videoconferencing is the lack of social spontaneity. ivCAMPUS tackles this challenge by creating a virtual office space that replicates the experience of being in a physical office. It offers features that enable casual chats in break rooms, impromptu brainstorming sessions, and interactive collaborations. With ivCAMPUS, remote work becomes more engaging, enjoyable, and fosters a sense of connection.

It is imperative to restore social spontaneity to remote work because, in those moments, people are the most creative and innovative. Videoconferencing software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams reduce the creative power and innovative moments by creating an environment where everything has to be scheduled. Creativity is spontaneous and cannot be scheduled, and this is why a virtual office solution such as ivCAMPUS fosters creativity.

Embracing the "Water-Cooler Moments"

We all miss the water-cooler moments that used to happen naturally in the physical office. People connected with one another, not only for work purposes but for leisure activities as well.

ivCAMPUS recreates these valuable spontaneous interactions through virtual coffee rooms. Here, you can connect with colleagues, share insights, and build personal connections, just like you would during a real coffee break. These moments of camaraderie are crucial for team cohesion and contribute to a positive work culture.

Nurturing Company Culture and Brand Image

Maintaining a strong company culture in a hybrid work environment can be challenging when using videoconferencing apps. However, ivCAMPUS offers customization options that align with your company's brand image and values.

From personalized logos to fully customizable spaces, you can create a virtual office that reflects your organization's identity, which is imperative for a happy and productive collective. ivCAMPUS ensures that your team feels connected and engaged, enhancing employee satisfaction and fostering a strong company culture,

Cross-Company Collaboration

ivCAMPUS goes beyond internal collaboration and enables seamless cross-company collaboration. Whether you're partnering with external vendors, clients, or stakeholders, ivCAMPUS provides a platform for effective communication and collaboration.

By connecting multiple organizations on a single platform, it streamlines collaboration and accelerates project delivery.

GDPR Compliance, Privacy, and Security

Data security is a top concern for businesses operating in the digital realm. ivCAMPUS takes privacy seriously and ensures GDPR compliance in all aspects.

Your data is hosted securely in Germany, providing peace of mind knowing that confidential information remains protected. With ivCAMPUS, you can focus on work without worrying about compromising sensitive data.

Experience the Future of Hybrid Work with ivCAMPUS

Say goodbye to the burden of repetitive video conferencing and unlock the true potential of remote collaboration with ivCAMPUS. Experience the true meaning of working TOGETHER in the future of work.

This innovative platform not only facilitates online video conferencing but also creates a virtual office space that promotes collaboration, enhances social interactions, and nurtures company culture. Embrace the power of ivCAMPUS and revolutionize the way you work in the hybrid era.

How about you see it to believe it? Join us on ivCAMPUS and witness the effectiveness of our platform.

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