A virtual office

Everything that matters
happens here

Daily collaboration, meetings, peer support, 1-on-1's & social interaction.

No matter the place you work.

Connect & collaborate

In a future of hybrid work we need a place to connect and collaborate - because the physical office is no longer this place.

Permanent presence creates the level of closeness you need for trust-based work.

With Campus you can clear your calendar of all the meetings you used to do on the fly in the physical office.

Your team member is just a knock away!
Personal rooms
Asad Thompson's personal room
Asad Thompson
Harrshini Smith's personal room
Harrshini Smith
Coffee and tea corner
Meeting room Paris
Meeting room London
Lunch break (AFK) room
Project room growth
Silent co-working room

Get back your
office vibes & flow

Be close with your team. Unlimited & spontaneous social interaction with chat, gifs and dedicated rooms.

Creative atmosphere where innovation evolves by coincidence.

Own your office,
because it's yours

From colors to logos, areas and rooms - Campus is fully customizable with a few clicks.

Receive your external visitors in a beautiful reception area and collaborate with your colleagues in an collectively designed office.


Easily accessible to all thanks to highly intuitive usability.


Less commuting - less travel for meetings - less emissions.

European and secure

GDPR compliance, Privacy, Data hosting in Germany.


With areas you can structure your organization into units, e.g. locations or departments.

No matter how you structure your organization, ivCAMPUS follows you. Your business trip lasts exactly one click.


Project rooms

Collaborate synchronously and asynchronously with your team and external partners for the duration of a project. Attachments provide direct access to project documents.

Archive the room afterwards and keep track without losing work results.

These companies and teams have already moved into their new virtual home

Build your virtual office today

Get start worry free
  • your customized office
  • up to 5 areas
  • free for 30 days
    without payment data
to test it.

Afterwards but not automatically:
€ 9 / month / user
Tailored to your business needs
  • Dedicated support
  • Unlimited rooms
  • Unlimited areas
  • Unlimited rooms